Shingles and Frames

AJ Smith – Using Cedar Shingles and Frames For Your Home

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make when remodeling your home is choosing what materials you want to use. When remodeling homes for our clients in West Virginia, many people choose to add cedar shingles and frames when redoing the exteriors of their homes. There are tons of benefits to using cedar shingles for your home, particularly if you are looking to not only make your home more functional, but also more stylish.


Cedar shingles have a rustic charm.

The visual appeal of cedar shingles is the obvious reason why so many people opt to add them to their homes. Cedar shingles have a rustic look to them that evokes memories of old cabins on the water in the northern parts of the United States. They are classy, yet very accessible and inviting as well, and the really make your space seem homey.


Cedar stays stable over time.

Unlike other materials, cedar won’t shrink or change shape over time, regardless of humidity. This means you’ll have to do much less maintenance over time, making them a great investment. This is also why cedar is often used in humid or rainy areas, such as the Pacific Northwest.


Cedar shingles can be stained or painted many different colors.

Cedar shingles are quite versatile in that they tend to look good in many different hues, from light browns and greys to darker greens and blues. No matter what color you choose, they don’t look overdone or out of place, and they can take color very well.


Cedar acts as natural insulation.

We love cedar in particular because it works as a natural insulator for your home. If you live in a cooler place, it will help you retain heat in the winter, and if you live in a warmer place, it will help keep temperatures comfortable inside during the summer. Not only does this make your home a more enjoyable place to spend time, but it also means that you’ll spend less money in the long run on temperature control.


Cedar is very easy to install.

On the contractor’s side, cedar is a very easy material to work with. It can be cut and shaped very easily because it is so lightweight, and it’s very easy to nail to the roof. This makes cedar a great choice, because your projects will get done much faster and more efficiently.