Interior Styles We Love for 2017

Renovating your home is about much more than just adding new appliances and knocking down walls – it’s also about creating a space you love. Taking on an interior renovation gives you the chance to create the house you’ve always dreamed about. There are tons of exciting trends happening this year in the interior design world that you can take as inspiration for your own renovation. Here are the styles and trends we’ve been obsessing over this year. In case you need a professional help, call a trusted home remodeling contractor nearby.


When it comes to remodeling, people are changing their focus to become more eco-friendly. Starting with a good roof is paramount for the exterior. We recommend some locals for good design contractors. They are also including natural elements inside to create a home that feels very light and airy. People are including tons of indoor greenery (such as hanging plants or window boxes), as well as water elements and woodsy decor. People are also opting for home appliances and systems that are efficient and environmentally friendly, such as smart thermostats that adjust automatically to save energy.

Warm Modern

Designers still love the sleek styles that have been popular for the last several years, but now we’re starting to see warmer, more welcoming elements injected into these homes to make them more welcoming and friendly. In particular, warm metals like copper and rose gold have become very popular, particularly as accent colors. This trend also uses contrasting textures, such as metals and fabrics, to create a space with more dimension and character.


Homeowners are finally embracing color again, with designs that use bright, cheery neons and lively patterns instead of neutrals. In particular, bright green has made a comeback, but we’ll also be seeing pinks, blues, and yellows. When paired with quirky decor pieces and fun prints such as polka dots or zebra stripes, for example, these bright colors really liven up a space and give it some energy.


Instead of going for something picture perfect, designers are now embracing a space’s raw materials and using them to create an industrial look that is both utilitarian and chic. For example, exposed brick has become very popular, and many people are also opting to paint murals directly on their walls for a very urban feel. Subway tiles are also a big trend that still feels industrial while looking a bit more polished. When paired with minimalist furniture pieces and quirky art, this trend makes any space instantly a little cooler.

Updated Vintage

What’s old has become new again, and many interior designers are now taking trends from the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s and bringing them into the modern world. For example, we’re seeing tons of groovy prints paired with today’s minimalist art, as well as dark woods and lush fabrics like velvet that harken back to a different era. Using vintage trends to update a space has the effect of making it feel like it has more history, even if your home is a recent construction.

When renovating the interior of your home, it is important to take inspiration from the trends that you love and then put your own twist on them. Your space is a reflection of you, so show that off by using the things that you love.