Exterior Home Renovations Trends

The exterior of your home can say a lot – it adds tons of value to your house and is the first impression that people have of who lives there and what kind of space it is. That’s why so many people choose to focus on exterior renovations as well as interior renovations. Just like anything in the home construction and design world, there are trends that come and go throughout the years. Here are some of the most popular design trends for home exteriors right now that you can achieve with a remodeling project.

Pairing Minimalist Colors with Deep Accent Shades

Minimalism is definitely in right now, so you’ll definitely be seeing tons of greys, whites, and creams this year when it comes to exterior colors for siding and trim. These minimalist colors are not only chic, but they are likely to remain in style for a long time, adding tons of sale value to your house when the time comes. However, to spice things up, many people are choosing classy and majestic deeper colors for their accent pieces, like doors and shutters. Adding a deep red or blue accent to your home’s exterior makes it more lively and personable without being over-the-top.

Using Multiple Textures

Interior design trends have been focusing heavily on using different textures, and this has made its way to the outside of the home as well. Using different textures for your roof, siding, porch, and any other elements gives it dimension, and makes your home look very appealing in a subtle way. For example, pairing brick and wood together in one house looks nice and makes your home unique.

Stylish Fences

People are no longer just slapping up a picket fence and calling it good – many homeowners are now starting to use their fences as an opportunity to increase their curb appeal by using chic designs with unique materials, such as copper detailing and intricate patterns. Although it may not exactly keep people out, it sure looks pretty and gives you and your family some privacy.

Chic House Numbers

It may seem like a small thing, but your house numbers actually add a lot to the front of your home and can have an effect on its curb appeal. Many homeowners are opting for stylish designs for their house numbers that match their home’s look and feel. For example, modern homes are going for thin, angular numbers made of trendy metals, while rustic homes go for soft curves in polished wood.

Stone “Castles”

Using stone for your exterior really makes your home feel more elegant and almost royal, so you can feel like the monarch of your own castle (even if you just live in the suburbs). Many people are opting to do their entire exterior in stone, or to add stone touches like driveways or porches. To add some more drama, many people are constrasting the light hues of the stone with black or dark brown accents.