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Stress/Strength graded softwood timber (C16/C24)

Strength graded timber
Close up of a grade stamp on a piece of
timber to be used as a floor joist

We are able to offer strength graded structural softwood timber where it is required.

The most popular use for graded timber is for floor joists and roofing timber.

Almost all of our stock has been graded in the country of origin, and each piece is stamped appropriately. Graded timber is visually checked by our trained staff.

C16 and C24 are softwood strength classes. A strength class is a group of species/strength grade combinations which have similar strength/mechanical properties. There are different C strength classes however C16 and C24 are the two most frequently used. These are the two grades that we supply in this context.

SC3 and SC4 are the old strength classes that have been superseded by the European strength classes as described above. SC3 is approximately equivalent to C16 and SC4 is approximately equivalent to C24.

For more technical information about stress grade timber please see www.trada.co.uk.

Availability of sizes and lengths changes frequently so please contact us for prices for your specific needs.


We can deliver strength graded timber to sites in South East England if the quantity is sufficient.

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